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Remodeling Your Home? Kitchens and Baths are our Specialty. Call TNHR!

March 10th, 2014

GOT REMODELING PLANS? Remodeling is what we do best.  Have your Projects picked out for this Spring and Summer? Our Northwest Remodeling Team is Ready to go. 

SPRINGTIME IS REMODELING TIME!   Our Construction and Remodeling Team is Ready! Are You?  TRUE NORTH HOMES & RENOVATIONS llc is here to serve our Community.  Let’s get it done!

   The beautiful Puget Sound just shouts  Spring is Here!  It is so nice seeing folks outside enjoying their neighborhoods again. Sure feels like SPRING, doesn’t it? Trees and Flowers budding with new life and splendid splashes of vibrant color everywhere you look.  Our beautiful Northwest is doing what it does best; dazzling us with beautiful days and stunning evenings. Don’t you LOVE IT!    As you go about your day, maybe stop by Treos or Starbucks for a frothy drink and jot down some of your ideas and be thinking about what you want to see done with your home remodeling projects this spring season. On the weekends, as you go outside for a walk in Old Town Tacoma or Seattle enjoying the gorgeous Puget Sound  you’ll have time to think about what you would like to get done this year.   This is a great time to focus on those Construction or Remodeling projects you have on your Wish List. True North Homes & Renovations is here to help you.   Our Homes are part of who we are.  In our community, here in the North End of Tacoma, as all around the Puget Sound,  there are so many beautifully  maintained homes.  Lots of TLC!

   Spring time,and spring cleaning go hand in hand. Right? Fresh and clean and sunny bright!  If you have been planning some Construction Projects for your home or business or  you’ve had to  “put your plans on the shelf” for awhile and now you are ready to take these plans of yours to the next step, give us a call. Our team at TRUE NORTH HOMES & RENOVATIONS  can help you through the process. Here are some things to consider. Does your  KITCHEN need to be updated or do you have plans to have it fully Remodeled? How about your MASTER or smaller BATHROOMS? Are they looking dated or in disrepair and need to be remodeled or updated? How about Additions? New Deck?   Then there are the small or large Home Repairs that may have been put off for awhile and need to be addressed so there is no further damage. Whether it is a  full-on New Construction project, an AdditionRestoration, or Renovation, we can help you. Building is what we do. Our Homes always need care.. No shortcuts or cover ups do justice to your home.! Do you want to DIY or do you want to have Trustworthy Contractors that care, not only about the Craftsmanship and Quality of the work to be done, but also cares about You, the Home Owner. We build relationships.  We live here, have our family here, and do our Work here, so get to know us.  If you know and Trust your contractor, that is a huge part of the process. When others know your Remodeling Contractor, there is peace of mind. Knowing that your Contractor is Qualified and Reputable and the team they bring onto your property can be Trusted to do the job right.   TRUE NORTH Respects YOU and your  Private Property.  We want you satisfied and happy at a job Well Done!  Let TRUE NORTH Homes & Renovations tackle the job for you. That:s why we are here. To Serve YOU!  We can take the Remodel off your shoulders and you can enjoy the process and the finished project.  Ready to go to work and get these projects completed?

   When you are ready to talk with a General Contractor, take the ideas you have penciled out and show them to us. We have a great team  to help get your Wish List checked off.  If you just need to get some fresh ideas, give us a call and we will schedule a time, convenient for you, to talk about what you are planning for your Home Remodel or Business Remodel.  We are more than happy to come and see your project and talk it over with you. Get to know us. We respect your time and Thank You for taking the time with us.

Our team at TRUE NORTH HOMES & RENOVATIONS LLC is here to serve you. We look forward to meeting you.

 Please  give us a Call  (253)426-2306  or  (206)429-5676

Thank You for visiting our web site.

Enjoy Spring!!


The True North team